What should I wear to my Maternity Session?

As with all my photoshoots, my style for Maternity Sessions is simple and timeless; just about the beauty of your changing body, and it IS beautiful.

The day of the photoshoot, do not wear anything pulled up over your tummy such as tights, trousers or leggings, as these can leave a great big red mark across the bump. If you do choose to wear these, please tuck them under the bump.

Take a moment to consider your accessories; bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Make sure your hair looks nice, put on some make up, give your nails a file. It's a really special day and you want to look your best.

We will start in a maternity dress. Your favourite. This is not only beautiful, but gets you warmed up in the photoshoot. This pose works well with shoes kept on, so choose these carefully as well. If you wear tights, ensure they are tucked under the bump rather than pulled over it so as not to mark your delicate skin.

Once you've relaxed into the photosession, I will ask you change into black leggings and your favourite maternity top. This should not cover the arms. The reason I suggest leggings rather than trousers is that they are much less bulky when tucked under the bump. Please don't just wear tights instead, as these tend to look see-through. Some clients choose to bring multiple tops & a selection of bottoms as they don't know which will look best- thats fine! Even swimsuits and negligee can look fabulous! 

Next, we want to reveal the bump! It is just you and I in the studio, so its very private. Ideally, bring one black and one white bra. This will be in the photo, so they need to be your best! Alternatively, you could bring a bikini top or a crop top. 

What we want to avoid is simply rolling up the maternity top you choose to wear. It creates a bulk over the bump which is distracting, as can be seen here.

At this point we can start getting really creative. Please bring with you a copy of your latest scan. Items previous clients have also chosen to bring include a hat to wear, baby booties & baby toys. If you have a tattoo that you would like to feature, just let me know.

Please bring a pair of both black and white knickers. We may or may not see them in the images, as you can see here. If you do not want to take off your leggings, then that is fine- we will only do what you are happy with.

Some women choose to take their tops off completely. It certainly makes for a beautiful image, but is not for everyone!

Finally, we are aware that this might not be your first baby! If you have older children that you would like to come and join in the session, they are most welcome. It creates wonderful memories for them that they were part of the session, and reinforced their very important role of big brother or sister. The images created are so special.

Here is a useful list of the items you need to bring;

  • Maternity dress
  • Shoes to wear with the maternity dress
  • Black leggings (not trousers, unless they can tuck neatly under the bump, or tights)
  • Maternity top
  • Black bra or crop top & knicker set
  • White bra or crop top & knicker set
  • Bikini top
  • Any other top/outfit you would like
  • Latest scan
  • Baby booties or toy
  • Accessories such as a hat, earrings, bracelet, necklace etc

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"Fantastic maternity photoshoot- thanks Heather. The photos are so tastefully done!! 
Love having the 'bump' captured." 

Z. DuPreez, Horsham