"I'm not sure I can make it to the studio after my caesarian."

This is such a common worry amongst my clients. New mums have undergone c-sections, tearing, stitches, haemorrhoids.... I don't want to continue the list and scare away those still pregnant, but basically those first few days require a lot of healing. 

So the thought of getting out the house and coming to the studio can be genuinely daunting, but I honestly think that coming to the studio has so many advantages in those tender early days.

Our barometer is that as long as you are able to walk from the car to our sofa (apx 10 metres from the front door) then you can enjoy a Newborn Experience photo session. Heather is there to help with every single aspect! She can carry the car seat, change nappies, pass baby to you for a feed. Having had 3 boys herself she has personal experience of new baby care. The sofa is in the photography studio so you will be with the baby the whole time. We have a bathroom just a few feet from the sofa.

Get away from the house with it's endless chores and phone calls- the studio is a quiet haven! Heather will bring a selection of drinks and snacks, and all you have to do is sit back and read magazines or watch Heather work her magic. 

If you have had a caesarian and are unable to drive, then we are limited by who is available to drive you here. But if dad can come, or your parents or in-laws, then that's great. Although you are not able to park at the studio, it is perfectly acceptable to pull up to the front door and unload on the yellow lines for a couple of minutes so you don't have to walk far.

If you are in extreme pain and can only walk a few feet, then I would advise simply letting me know on 01732 617 255 and we can push back the session a few days. Nothing is more important than the health of the new mum.


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"Wow, wow, wow I can't recommend BabyPhotography.co.uk enough. My hubby and I were anxious as our son was only 8 days old, however, we need not have been, as Heather was amazing. She was brilliant with our son. For any parents/parents-to-be who are considering having professional photos completed, I would strongly recommend having a conversation with Heather - I'm sure you won't be disappointed."
K. Johnson - Westerham