Can I bring my own props to the photoshoot?

Yes, you can bring your own props to photoshoots! (But you don't have to!)

I want this photoshoot to be part of the detailed story of your growing family, and this can be beautifully highlighted with the incorporation of your own personal belongings. The sort of things you may consider bringing along can vary according to the session.


Maternity Session
Heather will closely guide you on what to wear to put the centre of attention on your beautiful bump, and has a selection of classic props to both emphasise it and dress it. The sort of additional props that can be beautifully incorporated include;

  • A copy of your latest scan
  • Booties
  • A little cuddly toy which will be a gift to the baby
  • An old favourite cuddly toy that belonged to Mum or Dad
  • If you have already named the baby, an item with their name on!


Newborn Experience
My style of newborn photography is clean & timeless, without many props. New babies are beautiful! But skilled positioning of your personal items will compliment the image, not take over. Ideas to consider might include:

  • A special cuddly toy
  • Booties/shoes
  • A personalised item with baby's name on it
  • A special blanket- Grandma might have been busy & will be thrilled to see her work in an image
  • A favourite book
  • A cute item of clothing such a flat cap or bonnet


Sitting Up Session
Babies tend to be 6-10 months old for this session, so still young enough to be naked and innocent naked. But they also look super cute in outfits, so you can bring along special outfits to include during the session. The props that I provide for these sessions are designed to really get the baby's interacting, and showing off their emerging personalities. Again, a special toy or blanket can add a charming element to an image.



School-Style Session
These sessions for older children are when we can really pinpoint a moment in time for them. Not only do they look super smart in their school uniforms, but they can show off their favourite sports kit, party outfit or hobby. Bring along musical instruments, sport equipment, club kit, & of course they are still young enough to have a favourite cuddly toy!


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"The whole session was lovely. Heather was really laid back and professional. The photos we got are really fantastic and have captured perfectly such a short lived special time. Thank you."  
S. Jenkinson - Sevenoaks