Can Grandparents attend the photoshoot?

It sounds like such a lovely idea, making it a whole family day out. But the reality is that the more people in the studio, the more distracting it is for baby. This includes grandparents, aunts & uncles, godparents, friends... 

Newborn Experiences are really nice calm sessions, very intimate with a slow pace. Mum & Dad can feel frazzled, and the opportunity to have a break from their busy new roles while I do all the work really is special. I say no to grandparents, so you don't have to! 

Then for Sitting Up Sessions, it's a very strange environment for a baby, being placed in front of the lights. We need to keep baby calm & happy. If lots of people are calling their name, laughing and joining in, although it's fun for the adults, it tends be overwhelming for the baby, who will be looking at everyone else, and not at the camera! To be honest, just mum & myself is the perfect amount of people for a successful session.

Maternity Sessions are a deeply personal session. We keep it private so Mum-to-be can totally relax and enjoy having her beautiful, changing body photographed. The husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is the only other person allowed in the studio to capture intimate, couple portraits.

If requested, we can include older brothers & sisters at any of the sessions. The interaction they bring to the images is priceless! If older siblings get bored, they can become distracting; we have a DVD player that we use to keep everyone happy! 


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"We really loved our baby's photoshoot. All the little touches made it a magical experience, and we have some beautiful photos to treasure forever."
H. Lee - Sevenoaks